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Your transmission is responsible for optimizing the power from your engine in order to perform extremely daunting tasks. Because of the sheer scope of what you’re transmission is expected to do, we highly recommend you come in for service on a regular basis.

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Transmission & clutch repair services from B&B Services in Marshall, Michigan

Your transmission is an essential part of your drivetrain. Using a series of gear ratios, your transmission optimizes the power from your engine and sends it to your wheels. Due to the sheer scope of what your transmission is responsible for, it’s extremely important that you effectively maintain it. Whether it be through routine fluid changes or the installation of a transmission cooler, effective transmission maintenance will save you a ton of money in the long run. If it’s too late for preventative maintenance and you are in need of large repairs, worry not, for B&B services offers a full suite of transmission repair services. 

Tell-Tale Symptoms of a Bad Transmission

Difficulty Changing Gears

If you are having trouble shifting gears, chances are you have a bad shift motor. In most modern diesel trucks, your transmission is no longer directly connected to your shifter. You’re not actually shifting through the gears, but rather, are instructing a motor to do it for you. Although shift motors have provided countless benefits over the years, sometimes they can break and leave you without the ability to shift. 

Missing Gears

If you shift into gear but nothing happens, chances are you’re missing a gear. This happens when the teeth on the gear are worn down to the point where they no longer connect with other gears. This is generally due to poor lubrication and overheating. 

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