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Your axles are an essential part of your drivetrain. Over time they may snap or warp due to the extreme torque they’re under on a daily basis. Our technicians here at B&B Services are axle experts. Call today to schedule an appointment for axle repair or maintenance.

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Your heavy-duty axles are the only part of your drivetrain that makes direct contact with your wheel hub. Although these heavy-duty axles are built to withstand extreme torque and heavy loads, they can still snap when overloaded. Axles can become overloaded even if you’re not exceeding your vehicle's towing or hauling rating. Many drivers find that their axles become damaged while accelerating up steep hills or while on uneven terrain. Fortunately for anyone that’s dealing with a damaged axle, our technicians here at B&B services are axle and drivetrain experts. We highly recommend you bring your truck in for service before small issues become large issues. 

Tell-Tale Symptoms of Bad Axles

Loud Snapping Sound

When an axle snaps, you’ll likely notice right away. Axles can be quite thick, meaning when they snap you’ll almost certainly feel and hear it. These loud snapping sounds are generally accompanied by vibrations, shuddering, and potentially even rattling sounds. When you hear the snap, we highly recommend you cease operation of your vehicle to ensure no linkages or tierods broke as well. Sometimes when one component breaks it can take a few others along with it. 

Poor Performance

Seeing as though axles are generally attached to wheels that receive power, when one breaks, you’ll likely notice a substantial drop in power and performance. If you’re driving a rear-wheel drive vehicle, you’re essentially losing half your hauling ability. Do keep in mind that when one axle breaks, the opposing axle on the other side of the vehicle is then forced to handle double what it normally can. This may overload the axle and leave you with no power whatsoever. 

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