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Your suspension is arguably one of the most important systems in your vehicle. It’s responsible for holding up the weight of your truck and its cargo, as well as keeping you and your passengers safe from road vibrations and impacts. Call today to get your suspension serviced.

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Maintaining your suspension is of the utmost importance, for if you don’t, hauling or towing anything heavy will become nearly impossible. Semi-trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles are constantly hauling extremely heavy loads. This requires a tremendous amount of strength that can only be found on leaf spring or air-based suspension setups. Unfortunately, these systems are very complex and can break down over time. Don’t let a poorly maintained suspension slow you down. Here at B&B Services, we’re heavy-duty suspension experts. We’ll have your suspension operating better than ever before. Come visit us today! 

Tell-Tale Symptoms of a Bad Suspension

Rough Ride

The most common symptom of a suspension that is in dire need of maintenance is a rough ride. Generally, a rough ride means your shock absorbers or bushings are in bad shape. Shocks tend to leak, which in turn stops them from controlling the rebound movement of your suspension. Your bushings on the other hand can break apart due to age and use, therefore allowing your components to rattle against one another. 

Squatting or Sagging

If your truck is squatting or sagging while towing or hauling, chances are you have damaged leaf springs or airbags. Your truck, if not overloaded, should never be squatting. Squatting in the rear can affect your steering ability, whereas sagging to the sides can cause your cargo to become dislodged, therefore putting everyone else on the road at risk. 

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