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Your drivetrain is a complex system of parts that transfers your engine’s torque to your wheels. Over time your drivetrain may experience wear and tear, for it is often exposed to the road for prolonged periods of time. This may result in the build-up of rust and corrosion, or even blunt force damage due to road debris. Outside of this, your transmission, which just so happens to be the beginning of your drivetrain, needs to be maintained on a regular basis. Due to the complexity of your drivetrain, we’ve developed various repair and maintenance services for drivetrains of all kinds. 

Major Drivetrain Components


Your differentials are an incredibly important part of your drivetrain. They are used to transfer power from your primary driveshaft to your drive axles, which in turn move power to your wheels. The most common differential type is an open differential. This particular type operates on the basis of least resistance. This allows your vehicle’s wheels to travel different distances when turning. This isn’t great for construction vehicles or recovery vehicles, for it doesn’t ensure a reliable grip on uneven terrain. That’s where limited-slip and locking differentials come in. They both have their own ways of counteracting the path of least resistance. To hear more about differentials and how they can be serviced, give us a call. 


Your driveshaft is responsible for moving power from your transmission to your differentials. Depending on your drivetrain setup, some vehicles may have only one drivetrain, whereas others may have multiple. These driveshafts typically hang pretty low and can come into contact with road debris. If your driveshafts are damaged, give us a call. We’ll have them fixed before you know it. 

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