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Did you know your truck’s exhaust is designed to do more than suppress noise? That’s right! It’s also designed to funnel emissions away from your passenger compartment and filter out carbon to protect our natural environment. Call today to find out how our exhaust system services can benefit you.

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Despite the common misconception that your exhaust system is only responsible for noise suppression, it’s actually one of the most important systems in your vehicle. Without it, both your health and our natural environment are put at risk. First and foremost, your exhaust is designed to move emissions away from your passenger compartment, therefore protecting you and your passengers from harmful carcinogens. Secondly, your exhaust is heavily intertwined with emissions control systems like your EGR system and Catalytic Converter. Here at B&B Services, we’re exhaust system experts. Not only will we maintain and repair pre-existing exhaust systems, but we’ll even do full replacement jobs too. 

Tell-Tale Symptoms of a Bad Exhaust

Loud Exhaust

Loud exhausts are often the result of one or more exhaust leaks. Leaks happen over time due to rust and corrosion, but can also be due to contact with road debris. Although many see exhaust leaks as just a minor annoyance, they can actually be quite a big issue. This exhaust leak could be anywhere under your vehicle, meaning fumes could be entering your passenger compartment without you even knowing. This is incredibly dangerous and needs to be addressed immediately. 

Vibration and Rattling

Vibrations and rattling are typically caused by loose heat shields. Heat shields are designed to protect your vehicle from extreme heat. Over time their fasteners can rust away, hence the rattling noise. If these shields fall off, your vehicle is at risk of heat-based damage. 

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