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Without an adequate coolant system, your heavy-duty truck would not be able to haul or tow anything heavy. Here at B&B Services, we offer a wide variety of coolant system repairs and maintenance. Whether you need a new oil cooler or a coolant flush, we’ve got your back.

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Mechanic repairing coolant system in shop at B&B Services in Marshall, Michigan

Heavy-duty diesel engines create a lot of heat when hauling heavy loads. This means operation would be impossible without an adequate coolant system. Although there are multiple ways of cooling your major components, the most common is definitely a large radiator-based setup. By using a water pump to push coolant through your engine, your system is able to disperse heat and remain at a good operating temperature. Other methods of cooling your system include oil coolers and transmission coolers. 

Tell-Tale Symptoms of a Bad Coolant System

Overheating Engine

An overheating engine can be caused by a wide variety of things. Whether it be a coolant leak or a full-blown water pump failure, engines overheat all the time. What many don’t realize is that if you drive for too long on an overheating engine, you’re likely to turn a small issue into a big one. Overheating engines that aren’t cooled down in time may blow their head gasket, seize their pistons, or worst case, blow up entirely. You don’t want a massive diesel engine blasting through the hood of your vehicle, do you? Our technicians are coolant system experts. Make an appointment today. 

Low Coolant

Low coolant can be a sign of many things. Everything from a blown head gasket to a leaking coolant reservoir could be at fault. Low coolant is not something that can be left alone, for if your engine overheats, significant damage may occur. If you’re having coolant-related issues, feel free to call us and we’ll get your issue solved in no time at all. 

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