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Your brakes are an incredibly important part of your heavy-duty vehicle. Most commercial trucks can carry or tow up to a hundred thousand pounds, but that’s only safe if you can also bring it to a stop. Here at B&B services, we’re brake system experts. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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Brake maintenance is incredibly important. Most heavy-duty trucks can tow or haul extreme amounts of weight, but that’s only safe if you can also bring it to a stop. Here at B&B services, we’re brake system experts. We work on everything from fluid-based brakes to large air-based systems. Whether you need a compressor replaced or need airlines patched, you can rest assured knowing B&B services has your back. Below we’ve put together a list of a few symptoms that you may notice when your brakes are in need of maintenance. Don’t let bad brakes put you and others on the road in danger. Call us today to make an appointment. 

Tell-Tale Symptoms of Bad Brakes

Loud Brakes

If your brakes are very loud, chances are you need new brake pads. Regardless of whether you have fluid-based brakes or air-based brakes, you’ll still always have brake pads. These brake pads compress against your brake rotor, which therefore slows down your vehicle. Over time these brake pads wear down, leaving you with nothing but a metal brake caliper. The loud sound your hearing is likely this metal brake caliper grinding against your brake rotor. We highly recommend you bring your truck in for service, for metal-on-metal contact can lead to large issues and cost you more money. 

Increased Air Compressor Charging Time

Are your air compressors taking too long to charge? If so, it’s likely due to a leak somewhere in your system. Whether it be an airline or a valve, your air compressor won’t fill properly unless your system is free of breaches. This symptom is commonly paired with air suspension issues, as some of the systems may be interconnected.

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