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Are you having trouble with one or more of your emissions control systems? Maybe your truck is not performing well or sucking up a lot of fuel. Well, worry not! Our technicians here at B&B Services are emissions control experts! Book your appointment to find out more.

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Modern diesel engines have a variety of emissions control systems that are designed to protect our natural environment by limiting the output of carbon. Two prominent systems include your EGR system and the After Treatment system. Your EGR system is designed to recirculate some of your exhaust back into your combustion chamber. Your After Treatment system on the other hand uses a series of components including your turbo and DPF to filter out NOx from your system. Since these systems are rather complex, they tend to break down over time. Sometimes your DPF gets clogged, or EGR valves become stuck open. Here at B&B Services, we’ll have these issues sorted out in an efficient and timely manner. Call us today to schedule an appointment. 

Tell-Tale Symptoms of a Bad EGR Valve

Poor Performance

When your EGR valve gets stuck open, your engine’s combustion chamber is not receiving the same amount of material as it normally would. If your truck is lacking performance-wise or feels like it is in limp mode, this is probably why. Fortunately, this is a rather straightforward fix. Our technicians here at B&B Services will seal your EGR Valve and send you on your way. We highly recommend coming in for service right away, for when an EGR valve is left open it bypasses the entire emissions system, therefore releasing more carbon into the atmosphere. 

Poor Fuel Efficiency

Poor fuel efficiency is a common symptom of a bad EGR valve. Since your engine’s combustion chamber isn’t receiving the same amount of material it normally would, your engine has to work very head to compensate. Hence the poor fuel efficiency. 

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