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Preventative maintenance is the ultimate way to prevent small issues from becoming big issues. Through careful inspection and routine maintenance, we’ll ensure you’ll experience as few unexpected breakdowns as possible. For all your preventative maintenance needs, B&B has your back.

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Mechanic performing preventive maintenance on heavy-duty diesel truck at B&B Services

Preventative maintenance is the ultimate way to prevent small issues from becoming big issues. Here at B&B Services, we prioritize our customers above all else. Unlike other places that want to see you break down so they can profit off your misfortune, we want to see you thrive. Our services are designed to prevent any unexpected breakdowns from happening, therefore avoiding any large-scale repairs. Think about it, rather than replace your entire transmission, why not just change your fluid according to your manufacturer’s instructions? It’s way cheaper than a full replacement. Here at B&B, you can rest assured knowing we’ll have all of your preventative needs covered. 

Common Preventative Maintenance Services

Engine Oil

Engine oil is perhaps one of the most important preventative maintenance service types to perform. Without changing your oil on a regular basis, you're putting your engine at risk of catastrophic failure. Over time engine oil loses its ability to lubricate your engine, which leads to an increase in friction and heat. This level of friction and heat is insurmountable for most coolant systems, hence the catastrophic damage. Don’t let poor preventative maintenance cost you a ton of money. Come see us today to get an oil change done. 

Tire Rotations

Want to avoid wearing down your tread unevenly? Well, here at B&B Services, we’ll rotate your tires in order to even out the tread wear. Not only does this keep your tires alive for longer, but it also keeps money in your pocket. Sounds like a good plan? Call us today!

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