3 Indicators That Your Heavy-Duty Truck Needs an Engine Oil Change Immediately

3 Indicators That Your Heavy-Duty Truck Needs an Engine Oil Change Immediately

A heavy-duty truck is only as good as how well it’s cared for. The engine oil, which preserves the mechanical parts in proper operating order, is the foundation of that maintenance. Surprisingly, we often neglect or are very forgiving with our heavy-duty truck's routine inspection and oil changes.

A long overdue oil change causes wear and tear on heavy-duty trucks. Let's start by discussing the importance of oil replenishment and several methods for determining when an oil change is necessary. 

How to Tell If Your Heavy duty truck Needs an Oil Change

When your heavy-duty truck needs an oil change or even a tune-up, a variety of symptoms can manifest. We've included a few of them to serve as a fast reference.

1. Warning lights

Modern heavy-duty trucks are equipped with various electronics and sensors that assist in notifying operators of problems early on before they worsen. The oil change indicator or check engine light is one such sign that appears on your dashboard. When this light appears it is recommended that you book your truck in for service as quickly as possible. 

2. Changes to the color of the engine oil 

Clean engine oil should have a vibrant, rich amber appearance. This oil darkens after sufficiently circulating through the engine. It ultimately develops a filthy black color over a long period from the leftover particles it has accumulated, at which point you should replace it. To make sure you are not putting hazardous crud through your engine, it should become routine practice to check your oil using the dipstick.

3. Engine noise 

When you drive your heavy-duty truck, you are familiar with its sound. What if the engine turns out to be noisy? Hear someone knocking? When engine oil loses its viscosity, the moveable components begin to grind against one another, which leads to wear and tear damage and banging. Replace the oil in your heavy-duty truck if the noises are strange.

Final words 

One essential lubricant is engine oil. It must maintain the moving engine components' proper cooling, cleaning, and lubrication. The oil keeps the engine from being damaged by friction and keeps the heavy-duty truck operating smoothly. However, the lubricant or viscosity of the oil decreases over time. As the oil accumulates dirt and grime over time, its composition becomes less effective. Therefore, it is crucial to frequently check your oil levels to prevent the engine from seizing. It would help if you simply listened to hear how every heavy-duty truck communicates with you, giving you signals when anything is wrong.


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